Welcome to Waldringfielders.

Building an online community for Waldringfield and its people.

NOTE: To use the forum, follow the ‘FORUM’ link above. 

This site was built to try to have a better form of communication within Waldringfield, one in which it is easier for people opt in or out of topics. Another aim is to make it easier for people to join the group, post views, find opening times, share ideas, form groups etc.

If you want to join, then sign up by using the ‘Register’ links. I hope that you will find it easier to join than the ‘waldringfielders’ email group.

Using the forum, you can subscribe to different topics and groups and unsubscribe from others. That way you only receive messages from those you choose and ignore those mgroups that are not of interest to you. You can also set ‘friends’ and ‘foes’ to highlight or ignore (respectively) certain members. I know that this feature will please some villagers. Any groups (e.g. WALGA) can have their own forums so to keep in touch. With the ability to target your messages more accurately, I believe that discussion will be easier and more fruitful.

All this may seem daunting but I am happy to help anyone set their options, which is when the main work is involved.

Moving forward, I am hoping to link the Waldringfielders Facebook and Twitter pages into the site so that people can keep up to date via these methods too.

Let me know your views.