Aerobatics over Waldringfield

There is a proposal to allow an aerobatics team to base themselves at the former USAF airbase at Bentwaters. Now I am an aviator so it is no surprise where by bias lies. I do however live in Waldringfield,  having moved here in 1975 so appreciate the quietness of the village.

There are many noises that currently ‘disturb the peace’, but have been going on for so long that they are accepted. I do not agree that ‘anything new’ should automatically attract objection. Sure, look into the affects and try to predict the impact, but keep things in context. If you are a person that contributes to the chorus of petrol mowers that start up at a weekend, then you too are breaking the peace. If you race at Waldringfield Sailing club and take your steer from the starting horn, then you too are breaking the peace. If you drive on the road, allow your dog to bark loudly, then you to are culprits. I am definitely not suggesting that these things should be banned or stopped. What I am saying is that these are all disturbing the peace of others, so why object to others who disturb yours in an equivalent way. I believe that these skilled pilots will disturb our peace very seldom in comparison and when they do, they will more than likely bring marvellous spectacle with the disturbance.

Live and let live people.

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