Women’s Cycle Tour

I was considering whether or not to go to watch the Women’s cycle tour as it cam through Waldringfield. Just a load of cyclists all going faster than I can. I reasoned that if I went, the worst that could happen was disappointment but if I didn’t I might wish I had seen it, so I cycled up there.

The first spectacle was the support on the corner – not only waving flags and cheering, but blocking the road to make sure that the riders don’t take a wrong turning.Many children from the school cheering and generally making a happy fuss. Below is just a section of the attendance. WCT-Crowd

I believe that most of the support was conjured up by Neil Winship so well done to him, I think that all the children will have left with a great experience. Well done Neil for supporting.

The next spectacle to notice was a huge number of police motorbikes and organiser motorbikes. I would guess conservatively at 25 – 30 but would stand to be corrected. Each tooting horns and sirens and creating a great atmosphere. These were interspersed with police cars, doctors, ambulance cars, support cars, camera motorbikes, press commentary cars and probably more that I have missed.

Police 2014-05-09 11.31.22

After a plethora of vehicles, the front running peleton (big group of cyclist  – I had to google the word!) stormed into view and made quite a spectacle as they sped around the corner and off past the Golf Club.

2014-05-09 11.32.05 2014-05-09 11.32.06

2014-05-09 11.32.07-1 2014-05-09 11.32.10-1

They were followed by smaller groups and then stragglers…

2014-05-09 11.32.13-2

– all interspersed with support cars, more ambulance cars, the police and… the AA – yep, I kid you not.

2014-05-09 11.32.32 2014-05-09 11.32.22

That’s it! – Just thought I would share some pictures. If anyone wants to do similar, let me know. steve@technicallyhigh.co.uk.

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