How to post to the Forum

Once registered, you will be able to post to the site. To do this:


Go to the forum site (

You will see the categories you can post to:

Front screen

Choose whether you want to post a notice, or something that might need discussion and click where appropriate.

Here I have selected ‘Notices’ so I see the following screen. From there, decide whether you want to reply to a current topic or whether you want to start your own.

Select topic

If you select ‘New Topic’…

… you will see the following, where you can type in a subject and whatever you want to say.

New Topic

If you select an existing topic…

…you will see the following screen from where you select ‘Post Reply’.

reply to topic

You will then be ale to type your reply:

reply to topic 2

Whether you posted a new topic or replied to an old one…

Once you have typed in what you want to say, whether a new topic or a reply, then click on the ‘Submit’ button.