New Forum – Management and Ownership

We like the old ‘Waldringfielders’ – help!?

Here’s probably the most important point – the current waldringfielders email group, set up by Peter James (my father) in 2006 on the Yahoo platform will remain for as long as it is wanted. Despite saying this several times people are still asking me if they can keep using it. The answer is ‘Yes’. All that has happened is that I have set up a forum with more versatility than the current one. People can use the new forum if they want to use it or leave it if not.

What about the current Waldringfield Web Site?

The Waldringfield Website is great for sharing information about Waldringfield. It is not however a platform for communication and interaction between residents. I would hope that there will be great links between the two so that information can be shared.

I also think that to have a really useful site, it needs someone to stick their neck out, be bold and take responsibility. I would not expect anyone else to do that but I am prepared to do it myself. I hope that, once it has gained some momentum, waldringfield people will see the benefit of this site and welcome it. I don’t expect that yet!

How does the New Forum fit in?

The forum (which is a subset of will be run as closely as possible to how the waldringfielders email group is run currently but with improvements tha tpeople can implement if they want to. See more here

On the site (the website, not the forum) I hope to build a useful portal to show what can be done to improve the Waldringfield online environment beyond simple email.