Waldringfield – October 1987

On 15th-16th October it will be 30 years since the country was hit by hurricane force winds. On that morning, as I got up to go to work as normal, it became apparent that not many people were going to get to work as the country was littered with debris. Waldringfield was no exception.

Back then as now, there were many skilled people in the village, all willing to set to work and help clear up and get the roads passable again. Welham’s Plant Hire machines were joined by Wilding and Smith loaders to clear wood cut by anyone with a chainsaw. I was out there trying to record some of the clear up with my camera. People brought chainsaws and heavy moving equipment to literally cut a way through from Waldringfield to Woodbridge via the back route. Here are some of those pictures.

Enjoy spotting some of the workers, some still with us and some departed. Ron Welham and Basil Barrell among the latter.

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One thought on “Waldringfield – October 1987

  1. Cynthiajames

    Sharing the photos with friends from the West Country several months after the storm, they asked how long the men were here?
    Couldn’t believe it was all home grown labour. Waldringfielders have never disappointed!!

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