Why complain?

What’s the problem ‘Ugly Backside Man’?

I think that anonymity of respondents and uniqueness of returns is desirable but not a great issue. A greater issue is getting the views of the majority of the village, or at least a significant proportion.

So why bang on about anonymity and uniqueness in your email?

The reason is that paper based surveys have been shown to be inadequate in achieving a good return rate. The reason given by the steering group for sticking with this method is that it is the best way to achieve anonymity and uniqueness. Now in my view, not only are they less important, but they have been achieved to a lesser degree than with an on-line survey (whether on-line alone or in conjunction with a paper based format).

So in essence, a very important factor has been sacrificed in the name of other factors, which in turn have not been achieved.

What do I want to happen?

I want the Parish Council to accept that they should set and attain a minimum return rate, below which they need to solicit more views.