More Frequent Asked Questions

Waldringfield Community

Thank goodness our ‘Community Waldringfielder’ has set himself up as the investigator, judge, jury and executioner for Waldringfield Community communications. One person has already been investigated, found guilty and executed before any rules were published. Of course, we all need rules to go by if we are to engage in a judgemental system of justice, but these rules need to be fair, applied uniformly, open to scrutiny and justifiable. We now have published rules.

I am fairly sure that part of the motivation for him setting up the group was to try to prevent, what some see as unwanted arguing but others see as valid answering of assertions. This can only really be achieved by moderation of the content and then there are many pitfalls, which require much work to avoid and overcome. Being fair to all and allowing everyone to be represented whilst trying to avoid people being offended is a full time job.

One easy way to do this is to say ‘There are the rules and if you don’t like them I don’t want to know – if you break them you will be removed‘. This can work, but then you need to realise that you are only representing the proportion of the community that has similar views to the owner, not the whole community. I and my father chose not to employ this method as I wanted everyone to have the chance of representation. The fact that the ‘Community Waldringfielder’ has decided to employ this method is very disappointing and the fact that the Parish Council have so readily accepted this method is also disappointing (to me!) especially as the group set up in 2006 most definitely had freedom of opinion and right to reply at its heart.

Rules vs precedent

We have a set of rules, published on the Google group which are rather patronisingly labelled ‘Common Sense’. Apparently many people have commented how very common sense they are (not tome, the opposite has been expressed!). Yes they look very ‘nice’ and one would think they will prevent any angst and ill feeling but in practice, this can only be achieved by moderating any post before publication by a panel of cross view representatives, which is of course impractical, so the only moderation available is to moderate any replies.

This give rise to a further set of FAQs, built from the current rules and the precedent already set by recent actions:

Can I reply to a post on the group?

Yes you can, but only if you agree with the original post. If you disagree then you must only reply to the person who sent the original post, leaving the original opinion intact and unopposed.

Can I report illegal activity to the group?

It depends on what it is. There is no real way to tell, but maybe you can get a clue from the examples so far.

  • If it is someone smoking a spliff on the river wall then no, this complaint will not be supported. Posting about this will have you removed from the group. [CM vs Village]
  • If it is someone cycling on the river wall then yes, please feel free to post and we will have extra signs made up and displayed. [PH vs SJ]
  • no precedent has yet been set for complains about someone smoking a spliff whilst riding a bike on the river wall.

If I have been expelled, can I ask why?

No questions about why an expulsion has occurred will be answered.

Can I put my point of view following expulsion?

No – you will have no access to the audience.

Who has decided and agreed that these are the rules?

People who have spoken to the Community Waldringfielder and his representatives.

Am I allowed to express my disagreement with the rules?

No. The rules have been posted on the group, so your objection is not allowed as an objection will not agree with the original post. You can express your objection to the author but you will have no opportunity to gain support from the community.

What if I don’t think that Waldringfielders really represents my views?

You are probably right. Maybe Waldringfield isn’t right for you.

So what happens from now?

Well as we gradually hone the type of people and type of postings that we want, we will get more and more confirmation from our friends that we represent the community. Those who don’t agree (the argumentative ones) will be silenced (phew) meaning that we are therefore correct.

Covid-19 Assistance Coordination

Don’t Panic!

You don’t have to have contact with covid-19 to notice changes in your current life.

Normal shopping is disrupted. People are being sent home from abroad. Football games and gatherings have been cancelled. Boris Johnson has just announced new measures and will shortly advise or even force those over 70 to self-isolate.

There is a wide range of attitudes towards the situation ranging from paranoia to denial. Regardless of where reality sits on that scale, people are being affected, and the old and vulnerable in our community are going to be the people least able to help their situation because:

  1. The consequences of contracting the virus are higher so they will probably be wanting to take greater precautions.
  2. They are generally less mobile and unable to persist at shopping to get essentials that are running out constantly.

Those self isolating are unable to do their own shopping so will also need assistance regardless of their age or vulnerability.

Given the above, I am sure that those feeling most at risk of running out of essentials would be relieved to know that there are people willing to help out. I know people are willing to help and the Parish Council are putting together a list of volunteers, which is great. I would like to go further and set up a mechanism to coordinate volunteers and – more importantly to give those in need a simple way of asking for help. I am not saying i will succeed but I’ll try.

Why now?

If the control measures continue to increase, as expected, it will not be long before those people mentioned above are massively compromised when it comes to looking after themselves. I think it is important to get something in place so that we are ready to support our neighbours. Maybe this seems like over-reaction but there is no harm in being ready.

Why me?

Two simple reasons:

  1. I have the technical ability to help out
  2. I have a parent in the above group and if I become unable to help in person, at least I can help coordinate others.

What to do?

The first stage is to find out the details of people willing to help and those who need assistance so I have set up a way to coordinate helpers and those in need.

If you are willing to offer assistance, please email Please include anything you feel relevant. Maybe caveats to your offer, available timings or times of day, what you are willing to do. We will probably at some time need a contact number.

If you feel that you could use assistance, please email

What about my privacy?

Privacy is very important and I will not share information unless permission is given beforehand. It will be necessary to share information to a certain degree, but I will ask permission as things develop and people can always drop out before anything is shared.

What is the next stage?

I want the helpers to be involved in shaping this, so when I know who is willing to help, I will see who wants to help coordinate and who wants to just help out when asked. I am hoping that others will access the system I have set up, so I will show them how to do so.

We then need to coordinate the best way to allow everyone to seek help via various methods.

For now – please use the email addresses above to register support.


Enjoy Our AONB?

The most recent parish newsletter contained an article under this title. You may like to read and cross reference.

sunset-debenWe are privileged to live in an area which has natural beauty, which is outstanding. Most of us appreciate it in one way or another or at one time or another. We must not lose sight however, of the fact that it is also a place of work , fun, sports, business, worship and many other attributes. The AONB is not exclusive and is maintained alongside the rest. To assert that people engaging in activities that do not enhance the natural beauty is in someway out of character for the area is erroneous and selfish.

Beauty IS indeed in the eye of the beholder and the beholder’s circumstance. To dismiss this as ‘none too helpful’ is to miss the whole point of the phrase. Devoid of that understanding, overall beauty is narrowed to the observer’s current opinion. A peaceful still morning view over the river is a thing of natural beauty but the engineering of an aircraft and the sound of a sweetly running outboard is also beautiful. The latter two may be abhorrent to many living here, but I venture to suggest that they my share my view if they were awaiting rescue from sea. The sight of dog running and barking on a beach may be an unnecessary intrusion or may be seeing your best friend enjoying himself. The crying of a baby may pierce the quietness or may be the sign that your child has been delivered safely. Different circumstances – different views.

I enjoy tranquillity but I also enjoy fun, noise, adrenaline, engineering, helping and even intoxication. The noise from an intoxicated group apparently ‘mightily disturbs’- written as if this was an accepted truth.

To strive to reduce others’ use of motor vehicles by using the AONB as a tool is selfish, insular and exclusive. It assumes that their journey is less worthy than your own. Why not welcome others to their own enjoyment, share what we can, tolerate that which annoys us and seek pleasure in others’ enjoyment so that its affect on us is more pleasurable?

Lastly, it is not ‘our’ AONB it belongs to everyone. With purportedly 20,000 people living within 10 miles of the Maybush, maybe we should take their views into account more. Maybe we should not be so selfish as to seek to reduce their access to the AONB that we are so privileged to have on our doorstep.


Auction of Promises

At Waldringfield Village Hall
Friday 20th May 7pm for a 7.30 start

*** Here is the list of promises ***

Fish & Flicks at Riverside voucher for 2

Visit to Orford Lighthouse + picnic for 4

Three sponge cakes: Choc, Coffee, or plain

6 x 25kg bags of Premium House Coal

Bread-making party for 4: Make a loaf from scratch
(Includes coffee, cake, wine & cheese while the bread is rising)

2 framed reproductions of Joe Lubbock prints

Christmas Cake

Woodland walk followed by afternoon tea
Oil painting + sign for house or boat

Water a villagers’ garden for a week

10 tons of gravel, sand or ballast
(delivered within 5 miles of Waldringfield quarry)

Two tickets to the Red Rooster Festival, Euston Hall

4 x Demijohn glass flagons

Gift voucher to Ufford Park, Woodbridge

Fruit hamper

1 bottle of whisky

A box of homemade pottery: mug, bowl, pots

A house in Dordogne for a week next year. Sleeps:-
2 x double, 1 x double futon, 2 x fold up. 1 bathroom.
French speaking village between Perigueux and Brive

Pot of purple plants

Handmade English leather dog collar 11 – 14 inches

2 large boxes of home – grown organic vegetables and fruit

A honey hamper ( to be delivered in October)

Les Crouzes white wine – Colombard

A magnum of Margaux 2008, bottled by
Chateau Cantenac Brown for Fortnum & Mason

3 hours gardening. To be arranged

Falconry and Hawking, 1 hours flying experience for 4

A selection of garden plants

Christmas pudding “a la Nigella” for 10, or 2 smaller ones

4 loaves of bread

A two course meal for 2 + a bottle of wine at
the Waldringfield Sailing Club

3 x Victoria sponge – any flavour – any time

Family tickets for Foxhall Stadium. By arrangement.

A meal for two at the Greyhound, Pettistree

A jersey for a gentleman from Cordings of London XL

6 bottles of wine in a box

Designer Cushion + greetings card

Brace of pheasants (not dressed) in the season

2 boxes of 6 family handmade crackers – suitable for Christmas or
children’s party

Case of Champagne

Fish and Chips and a drink each for 2 at The Maybush

Selection of outdoor plants

Three x 8 new children’s books

1 aged builders wheelbarrow & 1 antique push mower(can be viewed in the car park on the night)

An afternoon helping to research your WW1 Ancestor

Pet sitting (e.g. Dog walking, cat feeding while you’re away on holiday)

Indoor studio portraits of your pet dogs taken in a portable studio,
which can be brought to your house to set up, and some shots to try and capture your dog’s unique characteristics. Also, prepare the raw shots and provide you with the finished collection

A home made fruit cake

An afternoon or evening trip down the Deben to Ramsholt, Felixstowe
Ferry for up to 4 on the rib. Life jackets provided

A round of golf and bar meal for 2 at Ufford Park (Monday to Friday) OR
2No 1hour lessons with a PGA qualified professional (also at Ufford Park)

A large bag of walnuts and a pudding of your choice made to order

An afternoon’s sail on a Shrimper for 2

Maybush Vs Fox Football

Wednesday 18th May 2016 saw the Maybush take on the Fox at football. A great mix of people in both teams from those who play regularly to those that could barely stand whilst trying to run. Played in three sessions of half hour each, we took to the main pitch at ITFC. The ground was organised thanks to the work of Matt Clarke who works for the football club.

It has been said that the true gravity of playing on ITFC’s pitch was lost on me, but for those who regularly attend the ground, it was a magical experience. Unfortunately the roar of the crowd was limited to the voices of about 25 spectators, but we appreciated all of their support.

The shirts were kindly supplied by Deben Inns and made it a great spectacle. The Maybush team sported the home kit whilst the away kit adorned the Fox players. Everyone got to play thanks to the managers operating a rolling substitution process.

After the game, Deben Inns hosted a buffet in the Maybush for the participants, so thanks for the great support from Steve and Lou

The match raised around £800 for the ‘Sir Bobby Robson memorial fund’ and one of the charities supported by our late friend Bobby Bullard. group

Ladies’ pamper night follow-up

Huge thanks to those villagers who supported the Waldringfield School Association’s Pamper Night on Friday.

Everyone who attended seemed to have an enjoyable evening and many left with wild hair (thanks to Jothi’s magical Indian head massage), glorious nails and a serene glow… partly due to the fizz.

At the same time, we made £245 to help pay from some new playground equipment at the school.

Thanks again and we’ll keep you posted for the next one!
P.S. The school summer fair will be held on Saturday 25th June, time TBC. We’d love to see you!


Passed away peacefully in Foxgrove Care Home on 15th April 2016 aged 98. Dearly loved widow of Brian, very dear mother of Peter and Michael, mother-in-law to Patsy and Fionnuala (decd.), her six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Memorial service at Waldringfield Church on Wednesday, 4th May 2016 at 12:30 pm.

Family flowers only. Donations to Macmillan may be sent to Coop Funerals, 213 High Street, Felixstowe.



Ladies’ Pamper Evening 22nd April

Ladies’ Pamper Night!


After the huge success of our Pamper Night in September, a quick reminder that the Waldringfield School Association has decided to host another evening of relaxation, treatments and indulgence!

It starts at 7pm at Waldringfield
Village Hall tomorrow night, Friday 22nd April.

Entry is £5 and includes a glass of fizz (or soft drink), nibbles and entry into a raffle for a pamper hamper.

We’ll have all sorts of treatments on offer from massage and manicures to reiki and crystal therapy. There will also be the chance to buy variety of gorgeous gifts.

Treatments are £5 for 15 minutes (or £10 for 30 minutes depending on length of treatment).

We hope to see you there!