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Enjoy Our AONB?

The most recent parish newsletter contained an article under this title. You may like to read and cross reference.

sunset-debenWe are privileged to live in an area which has natural beauty, which is outstanding. Most of us appreciate it in one way or another or at one time or another. We must not lose sight however, of the fact that it is also a place of work , fun, sports, business, worship and many other attributes. The AONB is not exclusive and is maintained alongside the rest. To assert that people engaging in activities that do not enhance the natural beauty is in someway out of character for the area is erroneous and selfish.

Beauty IS indeed in the eye of the beholder and the beholder’s circumstance. To dismiss this as ‘none too helpful’ is to miss the whole point of the phrase. Devoid of that understanding, overall beauty is narrowed to the observer’s current opinion. A peaceful still morning view over the river is a thing of natural beauty but the engineering of an aircraft and the sound of a sweetly running outboard is also beautiful. The latter two may be abhorrent to many living here, but I venture to suggest that they my share my view if they were awaiting rescue from sea. The sight of dog running and barking on a beach may be an unnecessary intrusion or may be seeing your best friend enjoying himself. The crying of a baby may pierce the quietness or may be the sign that your child has been delivered safely. Different circumstances – different views.

I enjoy tranquillity but I also enjoy fun, noise, adrenaline, engineering, helping and even intoxication. The noise from an intoxicated group apparently ‘mightily disturbs’- written as if this was an accepted truth.

To strive to reduce others’ use of motor vehicles by using the AONB as a tool is selfish, insular and exclusive. It assumes that their journey is less worthy than your own. Why not welcome others to their own enjoyment, share what we can, tolerate that which annoys us and seek pleasure in others’ enjoyment so that its affect on us is more pleasurable?

Lastly, it is not ‘our’ AONB it belongs to everyone. With purportedly 20,000 people living within 10 miles of the Maybush, maybe we should take their views into account more. Maybe we should not be so selfish as to seek to reduce their access to the AONB that we are so privileged to have on our doorstep.