The Waldringfield Gardeners’ Committee village scarecrow competition seems to be hotting up with the winner being announced at 4:00pm today. Very well done to the organisers.

For those interested who are unable to get out and about so easily, I have compiled this collection of photographs. The order is not random – it is the route I cycled around the village this morning!

If I have missed yours or you have set it up today, please send me a photograph and I will TRY to include it.

This page is only for fun and is nothing to do with the judging or the committee.

The results:

First Prize

2015-04-11 08.57.19


Two runners up:

2015-04-11 08.54.32


2015-04-11 09.08.25

2015-04-11 09.19.182015-04-11 09.18.402015-04-11 09.23.332015-04-11 08.53.262015-04-11 08.53.502015-04-11 08.54.202015-04-11 08.54.322015-04-11 08.57.002015-04-11 08.57.192015-04-11 08.58.202015-04-11 09.00.592015-04-11 09.02.432015-04-11 09.03.172015-04-11 09.07.052015-04-11 09.07.292015-04-11 09.07.532015-04-11 09.08.122015-04-11 09.08.252015-04-11 09.17.23


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