New Forum -Why?

Purpose of the New Forum

The residents of Waldringfield are becoming increasingly good at getting on-line. Added to this, people generally are expecting to be more informed and more involved in affairs of the village. The current Waldringfielders Yahoo site has provided a great way for people to email everyone on the group, but it has limitations.

What is your agenda for changing?

I have lots of ideas as to how the community can benefit from cohesion. Sharing of information and the clever organisation of such information along with interaction,which can really help people to work together efficiently. Things that are attempted by waldringfielders but fail (or at least fail to grow), could be really useful to the community. For example, recommended chimney sweeps, plumbers, piano tuners etc. It would be useful having these on a database where people can leave testimonials about local people. Likewise, lift share scheme, equipment sharing, offers of help in an emergency, ‘for sale’ board. There are many other ideas that I won’t go into here. All of these need a platform to work from and that is how I see

More choice and better categorisation

Already, there are initiatives that could benefit from their own forum where they can talk freely, knowing that recipients are all sympathetic to the topic. This works, not only for specific topics, but for levels of discussion. An easy button to say ‘Nothing more on this topic’ will mean that nobody needs to be annoyed any more. I would envisage that the flood defence group, lift share, WALGA and the other groups in the village would all have their own communications. It wouldn’t mean that others are excluded, just that they can opt out if they want to. All the people who like to see everything can subscribe to everything. If you want a group called ‘What to do about the roads’, then that’s fine, everyone signing up to it (or not excluding it) will expect to see a lot of chat and discussion about the roads.

Easier Sign-up

The sign-up for the old Waldringfielders Yahoo site is painful, especially if you are not a btinternet customer. With the new one, if you can think of a username and password and you can type your email and the invitation code into the boxes, then you can sign up easily. For those already signed up to the Yahoo group, ease of sign-up is not an issue, but it would be better to get more people involved and many of those not signed up may be that way due to the difficult sign-up procedure.

More versatile

Customising the new site to provide better services will be possible, whereas the Yahoo site can only happen within certain parameters. Having the new site wholly owned (not using Yahoo, Google or any other company) means that we can offer much better services to Waldringfield people. As an example, having a secure way to access help in an emergency (not a 999 situation) or a way to usefully share lifts, tools, skills etc. or to alert quickly of cold callers or burglars are initiatives that could be implemented. All things that can help if you want to be involved or you can ignore if you don’t.


I realise that some will be screaming ‘Yes, but don’t leave behind those that are not so good at getting on-line’. This is an important objective and will be heavily taken into account.

The solution to this from people so far has been to leave everything as it is. Everything WILL be left as it is for those that don’t want to change. I believe however that when some are getting a better service from the new site, they will want to be part of it. Getting people to be happy moving, will involve making the new one work as closely as possible to the way that the old one does but without negating the benefits of the new one.

I believe that it is possible to achieve this.