The Irony

Someone has joined Waldringfielders just to send an abusive email to me. Now I don’t really care about the abuse, it says more about the sender than any actual content.

This person is objecting to me questioning the methods for information gathering and anonymity. One of my questions revolved around how the committee decided that a paper based questionnaire provided more anonymity than an on-line version. The irony is that the sender successfully used online methods to maintain their own anonymity.

If that person (whoever you are) would like to come around and pick up my written reply from my doorstep on 13th June (as my paper based survey will be) I would be most grateful!

For any inquisitive people who want to see what was written, it is here:

The email content is thus:

You could have been on the Steering Group if you had got off your ugly selfish ill-mannered abusive backside. Critcising now is too late, too self-centred and too pompous.

Please, Steve, just get over yourself.